Things You Should Know

Please read the following Terms and Conditions as they apply to all goods and services provided by Roaming Events. Upon making a deposit, this confirms you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Quotes are valid for 14 days. At the time of quote, all products described are available. In the event of the products becoming unavailable during the valid period of the quote, we will let you know and we will always do our best to assist you and will discuss other options.

  • Bookings will remain tentative until the deposit is paid.  No holds for the date are made until the deposit is received. 

  • Full payment is to be made at least 7 days prior to the event date as funds are to be cleared and visible to Roaming Events prior to commencement of the event. No product will be left for hire without full payment.

  • A bond is required at the time of final payment and will be refunded on return of all hire items in non-damaged condition

  • In the event of a cancellation:

    • For events cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event date, no monies will be refunded.

    • For events cancelled more than 14 days prior to the event date, amounts already paid excluding half of the deposit amount will be refunded.

    • For events cancelled due to Covid (including reasons such as restrictions, border closures), amounts already paid excluding half of the deposit amount will be refunded. Roaming Events will work with their client to find a suitable date to reschedule the event, if the event is booked within 12 months of the refund date, the half deposit will be deducted from the new booking amount. If no booking/reschedule is made, the half deposit is non refundable.

  • In the event of severe weather events, by mutual agreement that the goods will be effected and not undercover during the hire period, cancellation of any relevant hire items will result in a refund for the amount of that hire amount where monies have been paid. Weather and forecasts are assessed closer to the event with the final decision to be made by Roaming Events in the case of severe weather forecasts.

  • Roaming Events does not sell alcohol, all beverages are to be BYO by the client.  Roaming Events is not licenced to sell any alcoholic beverages and bartenders are prohibited to accept any cash.

  • All drinks are to be chilled prior to arrival to the venue, for events greater than 40 guests we recommend the hire of a mobile coldroom.

  • An invoice will be issued for the cost of replacing stock if damages/losses occur should the cost exceed the bond amount.  Damage extends to fabrics that have been returned stained or with candle wax, in which case, you will be charged the actual cost to repair, clean or replace the item. 

  • All unreturned or damaged glassware will be invoiced at a replacement cost of $3 per glass.

  • Lawn Games in most instances are packaged and purchased as complete sets. If any part of a Lawn Game is damaged or unreturned, the full replacement cost of that game (not just individual part) will be invoiced.

  • The Caravan Bar is a vintage Caravan and care must be taken at all times.

  • The client is responsible for any approval required for public venues (eg. Parks)

  • No fires are permitted under or adjacent to any products hired from Roaming Events.  Any damages will incur the full replacement cost of any sections damaged.  Gas heaters are not permitted under frame marquees, and are used at your own risk in a premium structural marquee.  We do not provide fire extinguishers with a standard hire.

  • Any lighting or decorating that is not hung by Roaming Events, are not to use cable ties or strings.  No scissors or sharp objects are to be used to cut strings or cable ties.  Damages to any canvas of any marquee will incur the full replacement cost.

  • Takedown of a marquee requires all items that are not provided by Roaming Events to be removed from the marquee and surrounds.  If Roaming Events staff arrive at the agreed upon takedown time and must wait for items to be removed, or move other items, an additional charge may be invoiced.

  • Setup and takedown times are agreed by the hirer and Roaming Events.  These times are dependent on weather and forecasts are assessed closer to the event.  Roaming Events can alter the times of setup and takedown due to weather forecasts at the time of the event.

  • All items are hired at your own risk and Roaming Events are not liable for any damages or injuries incurred.

  • 5x10m and 6x12m frame marquees and star shade marquees are commercial grade and of the highest quality of this type of marquee.  Excessive winds may not be suitable for this marquee if in a large open space.  If setup is provided, Roaming Events will secure the marquee using additional ropes if required.  This is the maximum that can be achieved for these marquees.  If excessive winds or a natural disaster is approaching, the marquee may not be suitable for some events.